Our Approach

We approach working with our clients using a purposeful and effective processes. These processes have proven to yield the best results because they are highly customized to each individual client. We take our time and great care in every phase to make sure we get it right so that the results from implementation continuously match the client’s goals and objectives.

Initial 5-Phase Process

Fischer Financial Services has a step by step guide to ensure world class financial planning success.

  1. Entry and Contracting: Setting goals and objectives.
  2. Discovery: Reviewing current situation through an in-depth process of interviews, documentation, consultation with other advisors, etc.
  3. Analysis & Feedback: Presentation and feedback from the client stage.
  4. Recommendation: Selection of best pathways to reach goals.
  5. Implementation: Execution of the plan.

Fischer Financial Five phase process

Annual Progress 4-Phase Cycle

Once we have worked through the initial implementation of the plan, we continuously monitor the plan’s progress and maintain clear communication with the client a minimum of every quarter. We also recommend re-evaluating the client’s overall goals and objectives on an annual basis, or immediately if there has been a significant change for the client.

  1. Plan Review: Analyze the plan’s results & new requirements from the year.
  2. Goal Setting: Adjust existing goals and/or set new ones.
  3. Recommendation: Selection of best pathways to reach goals.
  4. Implementation: Execution of the new plan.

Fischer Financial 4 phase cycle

Customer Commitment

We commit to unwavering transparency, complete honesty, and a highly confidential relationship while delivering world-class financial services in our Victoria community. When you are successful, we are successful.

Life is a moving target. When we design and implement a financial plan for you, we make sure it’s flexible, accountable and adaptable. One of the things you can be assured of working with us, is having an exceptional team of people working hard to earn and keep your trust as we pursue your vision and goals of the future together.

“My wife Debbie and I have been clients of Fischer Financial Services since 2008.  I first met Vern Fischer at a pilot training course and was immediately drawn in by some pretty obvious attributes:  1) friendly demeanor;  2) quiet and personable communication; and 3) sincerity.  I was skeptical about using another financial planning service given our very negative experience dealing with poorly trained and overly aggressive branch personnel from one of the large national firms.  Vern quickly put our concerns to rest by demonstrating his thorough knowledge of this industry, customer focus, soft coaching skills, and most importantly … honesty … through his actions and impressive results.’ –  Jamie Sargent