Enterprise Transition

Business owners today are facing an unprecedented challenge as they contemplate their transition from an enterprise they founded to a financially rewarding exit with a proper succession structure in place. Latest research data indicates that a significant proportion of Canadian enterprises will be divested over the next five years, as the boomer generation contemplates complex succession and exit issues.

Do you know your best options for exiting your business once you are ready to move on? It is imperative that business owners carefully consider their transition options well in advance in order to achieve a successful exit. Through our specialty in working with Family Enterprises, we are experienced in developing and implementing plans that consider all aspects of Enterprise Transition, including legacy and philanthropic planning.

Our Three-Stage Approach is as follows:

STAGE 1: Situational Assessment
STAGE 2: Review & Selection
STAGE 3: Plan & Implementation

Our approach can take up to 5 years of careful planning, including a detailed gap analysis, an honest recognition of issues, and a proactive approach to addressing everything early in order to ensure the transition doesn’t fail.

We recommend learning more about how business owners can accomplish a successful exit according to their specific requirements and the unique nature of their business.

Mike Thompson, Associate Professor at Royal Roads University, has graciously shared his whitepaper on 5 Transition Pathways available to the business owners. It is heavily researched, proven to be successful for a number of business transitions, and is presented at conferences internationally.

We ask for your personal information to download the whitepaper and we may contact you to determine your transition needs. We respect your privacy and will keep your information confidential.

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