Wealth Management

Our Wealth Management Program is designed for high-net-worth individuals and families – as well as corporations.

With increased wealth come increased options for managing a properly diversified portfolio. We believe the best results for our clients are achieved through a personalized investment portfolio based on your risk tolerance and goals. Your portfolio is designed and managed by your own private client internationally licensed, certified financial analyst portfolio manager who is accountable to you. Investment alternatives that are not typically available at the mass retail level now become available to you, such as segregated managed accounts and private investment pools.

At Fischer Financial, we are committed to the most effective way to build your wealth: protecting your income, minimizing your largest expenses, and acquiring cash-generating assets. Building wealth is through ownership of profitable businesses that practice continual reinvestment and pay a large and growing dividend stream. We are experienced in helping our clients manage these tasks most effectively to help them grow their wealth.

We believe in the Value Partners Investments process:

Value Partners Investments process

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Tax Savings Specialization

An integral part to the success of a proper financial plan for family businesses or wealthy individuals is recommendations for the business’ tax requirements.
Are you confident that your business isn’t paying more tax than it needs to?
At Fischer Financial Services, we intimately understand the best tax-saving options for family enterprise, including a tax-efficient transfer to the next generation, and have helped many family businesses implement them to save significant income over years’ of operation. Many independent advisors or banks do not have this level of understanding and cannot properly advise on tax savings.

Fischer Financial Case Study Soaring Investment Fees

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