“For over 15 years, Fischer Financial Services has helped us with our Financial Portfolio, Estate Insurance, and specific financial needs. Vern has always been a caring person, especially with the way the market is nowadays. He is always there to answer any financial questions that we may have no matter how big or small. We highly recommend him.”

R&M Eng.

“Vern is a lovely, caring person. Knowledegable and professional, he helped myself and my business partners source and implement a benefit program that fits our needs, and works great for our employees. My husband and I are now getting his help with our personal financial plan. I would highly recommend him to anyone who needs advice on planning a solid future for your business and family. Thank you Vern!”

Y Tomlinson

“Since 2009, Vern Fischer has been our financial advisor for our business portfolio. He has helped us tremendously with our financial planning and management of our investments. Vern has always been available either by e-mail or phone to answer any questions we may have on any topic related to our business. Through Vern, we have been able to complete our comprehensive estate planning and our corporate pension plan. In 2012, Vern introduced Christie Rose, from Guardian Capital, as our portfolio manager and, as a team, they have managed our investments very successfully, with careful consideration of global market trends. Vern and Christie keep us readily informed of their portfolio strategies in a way that is both logical and advantageous and we have complete trust in their management skills and professionalism.”

Debbie King

“My wife Debbie and I have been clients of Fischer Financial Services since 2008. I first met Vern Fischer at a pilot training course and was immediately drawn in by some pretty obvious attributes: 1) friendly demeanour; 2) quiet and personable communication; and 3) sincerity. I was skeptical about using another financial planning service given our very negative experience dealing with poorly trained and overly aggressive branch personnel from one of the large national firms. Vern quickly put our concerns to rest by demonstrating his thorough knowledge of this industry, customer focus, soft coaching skills, and most importantly … honesty … through his actions and impressive results.”

Jamie Sargent