Client Profile

Fischer Financial Services provides exceptional and highly personalized service to a variety of clients. While our high net-worth client profile is diverse, they have one thing in common: they require top-class financial planning to ensure long-term success with the wealth and status they have accumulated.

Our Client Profiles

Most of our clients fit into one of the profiles below:

The Family Business Owner

You have a successful family business and may or may not have child(ren). What will happen to your business after retirement? Is your family set up properly to inherit your business if unforeseen circumstances arose? What are some of your options that are sure to leave you and your family financial security and stability that you have worked so hard for? This is our biggest client group and one we are extremely experienced and passionate about. We can help!

The Investor

You have accumulated enough wealth to invest and/or you have already had success with your investments. With investments come risks and taxes. You have some room to take risks but want to be careful as you consider your retirement years. What investments can help increase your wealth and how to minimize the risks and taxes is key to you. Understanding the risks and liabilities and carving out a plan that will minimize risks and maximize profitability is what we do! Let’s have a conversation.

The Major Shareholder

You are an executive for a successful business and a shareholder, which means there are others like you that have similar interests and goals as you as far as the business goes. What happens when one of the shareholders wants to quit or passes away? We can help assess the situation and offer a plan that works in your favour, regardless of the circumstances. Get in touch to get started.

“Since 2009, Vern Fischer has been our financial advisor for our business portfolio. He has helped us tremendously with our financial planning and management of our investments. Vern has always been available either by e-mail or phone to answer any questions we may have on any topic related to our business. Through Vern, we have been able to complete our comprehensive estate planning and our corporate pension plan. In 2012, Vern introduced Christie Rose, from Guardian Capital, as our portfolio manager and, as a team, they have managed our investments very successfully, with careful consideration of global market trends. Vern and Christie keep us readily informed of their portfolio strategies in a way that is both logical and advantageous and we have complete trust in their management skills and professionalism.”

– Debbie King