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To Make Money in the Stock Market, Do Nothing
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The stock market fell so sharply at the beginning of the year that it felt at times as if it would never come back. But it did, in a weekslong…

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Changing Gears – From Accumulation to Decumulation
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You’ve been diligently stashing away some money from every paycheque, contributing to your RRSP and/or TFSA. Perhaps you have a defined contribution pension or, if you’re one of the lucky…

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Finding the Right Wealth Manager for You
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It can be quite a task to evaluate the expertise and experience of a wealth manager before you work with him or her. Even then, it may be tough to…

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The Many Benefits of Learning to Pay Attention to Attention
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Science has shown that our attention is not just extremely important in terms of the quality of life we enjoy—it’s also highly vulnerable, and fragile. Check out how you can…

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Transferring Values – Not Just Wealth – to Your Heirs
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Many of us have thought about how to best transfer our wealth to our heirs someday. Unfortunately, we see that parents and grandparents with significant assets often don’t spend enough…

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The RRSP Contribution Deadline: Key Dates you Need to Know
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The 2022 RRSP deadline is fast approaching! This is the time of year when Canadians tend to rush and contribute a little extra in order to unlock a bigger tax…

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Succession Planning for Family Business
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Family conflicts can wreak havoc on a family-run business—especially when it comes time to transfer ownership of the company from one generation to the next. Here’s a look at how…

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Life Lessons from a Broadway Legend
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Conquering Broadway takes more resolve than many of us can imagine.But Sandra Joseph—the longest-running leading lady in the longest-running Broadway show of all time, The Phantom of the Opera—was up…

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Feeling Philanthropic? A Charitable Planning Primer
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Do you want to have a major impact on a charity or cause that means a great deal to you? Do you want to do well financially by doing good…

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Is it time to buy an e-bike?
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Electrically assisted bicycles are all the rage among riders of all stripes. Check out what makes e-bikes so appealing to so many people, and learn what to look for if…

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